Thoughts on the Future


We, as human beings, find comfort in consistency. When we know what to expect, when we can tell what comes next, when we can easily figure out the pattern. This is the kind of stability that many seek in life. But the truth is that the only consistent thing in this world is the lack of consistency.

Change is inevitable. Change is natural. Change is necessary. Fear of the unknown can stop us from following our passions or can keep us from living lives that we are proud to lead. It is okay to be afraid, but remember to stay determined. Remain strong, and move forward into the future with courage. Put your whole heart into what you love and you will find that change cannot hurt you. You have more to offer this world than you know.

Each of us is a flower made up of petals of a multitude of magnificent shades and colors. And at the center of each flower there is a star that emits music as well as light. They sing of stories yet to be told, they speak of possibility and hope. But each song has its own unique frequency. Together, we are a garden- a universe of our own creation. With every beautiful work of art, every momentous achievement, every shared emotion, we fill the sky with our warmth, light and color. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the music that we make as our souls all resonate at the frequencies of who we are as individuals. Our garden would not be complete, and our universe would be a little less beautiful, if we were to deny ourselves our individuality and thus give fear free-reign on our hearts.

So let us find comfort in the inevitability of change, and let the tumultuous river of life lead us to where we need to be; all the while refusing to be anything but our best selves, being true to our hearts, to our stars, and to each of our unique frequencies.

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