• I graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in May of 2018 with a BA.
  • During my four years there, I took a year abroad to study digital game design at Falmouth University in the UK.
  • Although I graduated with a Liberal Arts degree, I concentrated my studies on Computer Science.
  • I also focused my education on Mathematics, Creative Writing, and Game Design.

Everything Else


  • In my spare time, I am a beekeeper who experiments with infused honey flavors and honey facial products. 
  • I also play the trombone and write music for my own enjoyment.
  • Writing, drawing, crocheting, sewing, and needle felting are some of my other creative and useful hobbies.
  • Linguistics is another passion of mine, and when I have a chance, I like to research the phonetics of various dialects and languages.
  • Plus, I have a proficient understanding of French, and I am beginning to study Finnish and Korean. I hope to be multilingual someday.

Work Experience


  • A few summers ago I worked at iDtech teaching kids how to code by modifying their favorite video game.
  • While in college, I worked as a lab assistant to the computer programming professor.
  • I currently work three jobs.
  • I am a private 2D animation tutor.
  • I also work as a sales associate at Lane Bryant.
  • In addition, I am working with a small start up company called Fasterthan.tv, where I design and develop games as teaching tools for healthcare professionals.